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"Ever since I have discovered 'Belgium Wigs' in Antwerp, I have regained my self-confidence. Finally I recognize and love the person I see in the mirror once again. It's a feeling of joy and inner strength, something I have been missing ever since I have been diagnosed with my disease."

Our story

For more than 20 years, 'Belgium Wigs' has been committed to helping you find the best in wigs, hairpieces and extensions.

Whether you're new to wearable hair or not, our expert tips and guides are sure to help you make the right choices.
Our hair & Wig Experts are licensed professional hair stylists, and wig lovers.

With this valuable team we are able to offer the best selection of brands and styles along with useful guides and tips. And, they always share their favourites with you - tested by our staff and chosen by our experts!

Our Quality Guarantee

Finding the right wig to suit your needs isn't always an easy task. There's an array of factors that determine the look and feel of a wig. We've listed four of the main attributes wigs carry. Together these will assess the quality of the wig.

Natural wigs

Our wigs are made of 100% natural hair and our perruquier’s eye for detail and expertise ensure our pieces feel and look stunning, time and time again.

Strong wigs

Unlike diamonds, wigs don't last forever. However the combination of excellent craftsmanship, technology and expertise required to create a BelgiumWig hairpiece forms the backbone to our success and guarantees our wigs to be one of the most long lasting in the market.

Custom wigs

Sometimes off the rack pieces can work great when it comes to finding the ideal wig. Often however we recommend either altering a premade wig or even to design and sew one from scratch. We always recommend to schedule an appointment for a consultation with our custom wigs expert.

Comfort wigs

Wearability is a key factor when considering getting a wig. We believe comfort is confidence, and confidence is what we strive for.